HOLISTIC HEAVEN complementary therapy



Reflexology is evident throughout history and has been present in many different cultures with earliest records dating back to Egyptian times 2500BC.

The human body is full of energy sometimes known as "Chi", "Lifeforce", "Prana". This energy is circulating around the body influencing the different organs and areas to maintain a state of balance in the body. When this energy flow is impeded the body does not function efficiently as it is out of balance. It is believed that reflexology can help to unblock this congestion allowing the energy to flow again and returning the body back to its balanced state. This in turn improves the client's physical and emotional wellbeing.


Pain relief, stimulates the body to produce endorphins the bodies natural painkiller. This can help suppress pain and relieves tension in muscles.

Reflexology along with lifestyle changes can help prevent problems occurring by alleviating stress and preventing imbalances in the body. Helps to boost the immune system enabling the body to fight infection.

Detoxifies the body.

Aids relaxation, balances emotions, an antidote to stress, promotes restful sleep. This relaxed state allows energy to flow more easily revitalising the body.

Increased circulation. Tension in the body can reduce blood flow to the vital organs leaving them unable to function as effectively. Reflexology relaxes the whole body this allows the blood to flow more easily.

Stimulates the nervous system, stimulating the nerve endings which encourages the neural pathways to be opened allowing messages to get to the vital organs and systems of the body unimpeded.


REFLEXOLOGY has also benefited people with back problems where nothing else has worked, sciatica, with helping women to get pregnant, arthritis and many more ailments the benefits are limitless.





                                                                                             Give it a try what have you got to lose!





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