HOLISTIC HEAVEN complementary therapy



Indian Head Massage is one of the fastest growing holistic therapies. Hindus used techniques dating back 2500 years ago with principles of maintaining balance in the body. It has only recently started to gain popularity and recognition in the west. Originally designed for use on the head, today it is no longer confined to this area alone. The treatment has been westernised to include the shoulders, upper arms and neck. These areas are also vulnerable to stress. Indian Head Massage has therefore become a primary form of stress management treatment in the western world.


Increases blood flow which improves circulation and the removal of waste is hastened, promotes healthy hair growth and condition of skin and hair.

Increased lymphatic flow which aids the elimination of toxins and waste products and stimulates the immune system.

Relaxes muscles, relieving muscular tension and fatigue, improves muscle tone, improves posture, helps relieve tension headaches.

Decreases inflammation in the tissues therefore relieves pain and stress placed on bones and joints.

Increases the supply of oxygen to the brain helping relieve mental fatigue resulting in clearer thinking and concentration.

Stimulates the release of endorphins from the brain elevating your mood, helps with anxiety and depression, relieves emotional stress, creates a feeling of balance and calm.


INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE can be done fully clothed (ideal for the workplace) or using essential oils on upper body, head, arms and face.









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